Yoga Therapy 

The body is the instrument, the breath the tonality, and the mind directs it all

Yoga Therapy is a mindfulness based 1-1 practice utilizing Yoga based practices to bring Body | Mind | Soul to a space of connected awareness. 

Yoga - To unite the Body + Mind

Therapy - Treatment to heal or relieve 

The practice is a way of healing through guided stretching, meditative breathing & communicative awareness.

Yoga Therapy empowers clients to become students of their health in and safe and guided environment.

More than a yoga class or private yoga session, participants receive personalized yoga and lifestyle guidance that seamlessly integrates balancing practices for the Body | Mind | Soul

Self-care is healthcare

In a private session, our in-hOMe Yoga Therapist, Kylie will :

  • Guide the client through a series of supported & passive movements based on where the body and mind are presently! We start slow + gentle to assess what space you are beginning this work from.

  • Help to explore range of motion, mobility and to hold space while facilitating the client's natural progression.

  • Using various techniques involving myofascial stretching or rolling, thai tapotement techniques, meditative breath guidance, movement education + refinement - the goal is merely to create a healing that is unique to each being.

Together these actions result in a comprehensive experience that relieves tension, improves blood flow/circulation, boosts the immune system and creates an energetically balanced state of being. 

Yoga / Movement Therapy is typically done with a mat on the floor or a table can be used as well, both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement during the session.


About Kylie

Kylie Hicken is an Experienced Registered Yoga Therapist who has a passion for sharing connected experiences of awareness, breathing and movement. She loves to create practices that focus on the clients needs presently while focusing on the future of sustainable at home practicing!


5,800 Movement Education Hours in the last 8 Years

2012 | 300 HR Hatha + Restorative Yoga Teacher Training | Cincinnati State

2014 | 200 HR Thai Yoga Therapist | Somaveda College of Natural Medicine

2017 | SUP Yoga Center Certified Teacher

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