The benefits of floating are so powerful that we want everyone to experience Float Therapy in an accessible way! 

 We hope to share wellness in away that all humans are able to utilize and to incorporate this practice into their lifestyle - consistently! 

From Emotional to Physical stress relief, this one way of tuning into the Body | Mind | Soul and allowing yourSelf to cultivate a state of presence. 

No matter how much we talk about it, read about it, or study it, putting a mindfulness practice into practice can be challenging! It IS a practice and we human's tend to forget that in the busy-ness of life.

Science continues to reveal that an active meditation practice has important benefits to awaken + heal yourself

Being the FIRST Float Therapy center in Jacksonville we made sure to set our standard high in terms of cleanliness, experience, customer service + overall enJoyment of being in our space.

We have refined our practices these last 2 years and know we are Jacksonville’s most experienced Float Therapy center in town!

We invite you in to explore our space + offerings

After Floating all over FL for the last couple years the staff at H2OM has created a truly healing space
— Justin B Client

Why H2om Float was created?

My first float was a life changing experience in the realm that it was my first adult experience of being comfortable in my silence and with myself.

 After a few hours I found myself drawn to the long term benefits of floating and sought out to make it a regular practice. 

I began to Float regularly in order to help aid in stress relief as well as physical pain relief.

Within 2 months of Floating regularly - I was able to stop taking the pharmaceuticals prescribed for the ailments I was dealing with daily from mental to physical pain. 

H2om was an idea put into fruition after 30+ Hours of Floating between California + Orlando Float centers - Until 2016 Jacksonville didn't have a space dedicated to this realm of Body | Mind | Soul wellness and we saw an opportunity to share this healing practice with JAX! We aim to share affordable and wellness based modalities with our cOMmunity! 

After almost 2Years of being + creating a Float hOMe in Jacksonville we are happy to now offer Massage Therapy to offer a wholesome healing center in the center of Jax! 

Thank you for the constant support + time spent supporting/utilizing our float hOMe - we have facilitated over 3,500 Hours of Floating in JAX and look forward to growing this community! 
In wellness, 
[ Alex K |  Owner + Creator ]