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Every Monday - Wednesday 11A-3P

We are happy to share Float Therapy to the cOMmunity in an affordable way!

Use : floatlove for $20 Savings when booking online

Do you want or need to utilize Float Therapy regularly + at an affordable price point? 

We created our Patient Membership for you!

 H2Om FLOAT is offering special pricing for those with documented medical conditions known to be helped by flotation therapy. Float Therapy is backed by scientific research for helping alleviate pain and other symptoms of certain medical conditions.

The benefits of floating are known to be cumulative and we recommend weekly floating for alleviation of symptoms of certain medical or mental conditions.

For only $120/Month you will receive 4 | Float 60

Simply Fill out the paperwork below, email or bring in the signed Verification form to begin your membership in our space - We do require a 3 Month commitment for memberships! 

C o n n e c t

Please leave any questions or comments below and we will be in touch shortly!

If you are hoping to Book a session with us leave the following:

 Date | Time | How many pods are needed | Float or Massage | Length of time

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Jacksonville's Float hOMe 

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