Let Yourself Rest

Don't think of massage as a one-time treat, an indulgence, or a reward for a tough week.

Regular Bodywork can truly elevate your everyday life

Creating the time|space to let yourself rest is vital to wellness


Deep Tissue or Relaxation

Your choice based on what you need, presently.

Have any problem areas? Just want to relax? 

Our therapist will customize each session based on YOUR specific needs - Take some time to indulge yourself – you deserve it!

Our therapeutic massage sessions targets specific areas to release patterns of tension. Each massage is tailored to your individual needs, problem areas, and goals making this massage perfect for everyone.

Pressure can range from light with heavier focus work around one area to an all over deep tissue massage.

Whether you have chronic headaches, tight shoulders from working at a computer, or injuries from being a weekend warrior – let our massage therapist help you alleviate your tight, sore muscles today!


Prenatal Massage

A pampering massage honoring mothers-to-be.

Specially designed to alleviate tension and aches, this massage promotes overall well being throughout pregnancy and after

  • Relief of muscular tension, especially in the lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck

  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints

  • Enhances body awareness for better posture and less discomfort

  • Assists with body mechanics and movement during structural change

  • Supports birth process by relaxing muscles involved in labor and birth

  • Eases stress during time of transition

  • Gives emotional support and nurturing sense of community care