Why do we Float?


Athletic Recovery


Creativity Boost


Emotional Relief


Insomnia Aid


Mental Relief


Physical Relief





Jacksonville's hOMe for Float + Massage Therapy

Established 2016

3 Royal Spa Pods

1 Massage Room


Why H2om Float was created?

My first float was a life changing experience in the realm that it was my first adult experience of being comfortable in my silence and with myself. After a few hours I found myself drawn to the long term benefits of floating and sought out to make it a regular practice. 


I began to Float regularly in order to help aid in anxiety/stress relief as well as physical pain relief.


Within 2 months of Floating regularly - I was able to stop taking the pharmaceuticals prescribed for the ailments I was dealing with daily from anxiety to physical pain. 


H2om was an idea put into fruition after 20+ Hours of Floating between California + Orlando Float centers - Jacksonville hadn’t has a space dedicated to this realm of Body | Mind | Soul wellness and we saw an opportunity to share this healing practice with JAX! 


After almost 2Years of being + creating a Float hOMe in Jacksonville we are happy to now offer Massage Therapy to offer a wholesome healing center in the center of Jax! 


Thank you for the constant support + time spent supporting/utilizing our float hOMe - we have facilitated over 3,500 Hours of Floating in JAX and look forward to growing this community! 
In wellness, 
[ Alex K |  Owner + Creator ]



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