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Benefits of

Float Therapy

Float Therapy in our simplest terms is:

 A natural saltwater healing modality utilized to help clients reconnect to Body | Mind | Soul. 

Float therapy is a practice that consists of floating on your back in a highly concentrated magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) solution.

 At H2om we offer 30Min-Overnight Float Sessions, with 90Minutes being our most popular!

During this time, in our Royal Spa pods incoming stimuli including light, sound, and the sensation of gravity are reduced. We also have options to listen to music as well as a guided meditation we created unique for our floaters!

Because of the amount of Epsom salt in our pods - everyone is buoyant, when you lie back you float effortlessly!  

While floating has been around for decades, it is experiencing a current expansion. Scientific research is actively being done to further explore the ways in which we can use this practice for complete body - mind - soul wellness.



Epsom Salt is full of Magnesium and  is easily/best absorbed through the skin to aid in reducing inflammation, muscle tension and increasing circulation of lactic acid. Those looking for more of a scientifically-supported reason to try floating will be happy to know it is backed by scientific research.

Floating is believed to potentially help alleviate physical stress-related problems such as :

  • Athletic Recovery

  • Headaches/ Migraines

  • Trouble focusing, restlessness, distractions or brain-fog

  • Chronic pain and muscle tension, often tied to high stress levels

  • Insomnia

  • Immune System Boost

  • Soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis

  • Decrease muscular tension caused by daily stresses and prolonged sitting

  • Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure


Sensory deprivation tanks help induce a deep state of relaxation (also called a “relaxation response” or RR) by turning down the body’s “fight or flight” stress response. Evoking a natural relaxation response is considered an effective remedy for stress-related symptoms because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, while at the same time decreasing activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Essentially, floating helps lower  and calm the nervous system, bringing the immune and hormonal systems back into balance. There are a myriad of benefits for the Mind such as : 

  • Stress Reduction

  • Increased Creativity

  • Helps Cure Insomnia

  • Increased Reactions & Alertness

  • Feelings of Euphoria

Floating triggers a deep relaxation response, much deeper than normal sleep. It enables us to drift into the elusive Theta state, which is hard to achieve. Theta waves, measured at 4-7 Hz, represent the brain in a state of REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, or lucid dreaming - Theta is the twilight state just before sleeping and just after waking, the border between the conscious and the subconscious world.

By learning to consciously use a conscious, waking Theta brain wave - we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds.


Within your float environment  you are allowed the weightlessness + freedom of distractions for you to disconnect from the mind and body and reconnect with the deeper self. Soul. Spirit. Intuition...Whatever it might be for you.  

This space is  simply creating a path to one’s connected purpose and access to the collective consciousness.

A float pod is not as much an object as it is an environment; an environment with the sole purpose to act as a counter-balance to every other interaction we have with our daily worlds. Many people report internal reactivity transformation, the ability to tap into deep insights, enhanced visualization and deeper relaxation.

The benefits of Floating for the Soul are:

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Alleviation of Depression & Stress

  • Effortless Meditation

  • Expansion of Consciousness

  • Achievement of Theta State

We highly recommended that you float at least 3 times to adjust to the float  environment and receive the full benefits of Float Therapy! 

While most have a great first float, it is a cumulative healing experience with relaxation benefits deepening the more you Float!


Float Therapy Offerings 

Float | 30


A 30-min Flotation Therapy Session!

Our Athletes, Autism Patients, Those using Floating for Skin Healing and Younger Clients tend to utilize this option. Also a great option for those timid about committing to 1HR or 90Min for First Float!  


Float | 60 


A 60-min Flotation Therapy Session - This is our most popular way of exploring Float Therapy!

We build in time for overview, pre-float shower and time to breathe so plan on Floating for the entire 60 Minutes! l

Float | 90


A 90-min Flotation Therapy Session! Staff + Regular client Favorite way to REST + reconnect.

We believe and see the benefits of Floating for extended time, we prefer the deep relaxation that is felt after 90Minutes + will always recommend!

Float | 120


A 2HR Float Therapy Session - If extended periods of REST or Relaxation is what you are in need of this is the Float for you!  At only $1/Minute,it's our best deal!


Plan your visit

This is a COMPLETELY customizable experience based on individual preference, after your float hOMe overview you are left to your Float suite. 

We keep our rooms dim as well as quiet to encourage you to take the time to breathe and center yourself

Pre Shower

  • Please use the restroom before entering your float suite | Lock the door if preferred

  • Turn Phone notifications + sounds OFF | Remove all jewelry and place in tray provided

  • Take 10 Deep Breaths + Set an intention for your Float - Let yourself Rest!

  • Put in Ear plugs + Hop in the shower!

Shower tips

  • Rinse Thoroughly with cool water to allow for optimum temperature regulation | Body Wash + Shampoo is provided!

  • Dry your face upon exiting shower and before entering pod | Walk slowly and be mindful as you enter the pod.

Your Float Experience

  • There is not a correct way to Float!

  • Let yourself breathe and drop any expectations, we truly believe an open mind is the best way to enter every float

  • You have full control of closing the Lid or keeping it open

  • Feel free to control Lights + Music based on your comfort levels

  • The Float Halo is a great addition for cervical spine support - we also have noodle floats for knee support if needed!

  • Washcloth + clean water spray bottle are inside pod just in case you need them!

  • We encourage gently stretching arms over head, take a deep breath and slowly bring the arms/ hands where you feel comfortable.

 { Focusing on your breathing and simply be in the moment }

Post Float

  • Exit Pod slowly and take time showering to rinse all salt off body + hair

  • Feel free to utilize our ready room to get ready afterwards | Hair Dryer | Full Mirror | Lotion | Combs in suite!

  • Take a seat to drink some water and reconnect in our Ready room or Lobby - Please leave a note sharing your experience in our Float Journal!

For the ultimate Float experience : we recommend floating in darkness + silence

However, our pods are capable of ambient light + sounds! 


  • Avoid shaving, tanning or waxing for 24 hours prior to your appointment since these may make your skin sensitive. We have petroleum gel available to cover small cuts and grazes.

  • We recommend you not color, bleach or use hair formulas within one week of your appointment. The salt may adversely affect the keratin treatments or the adhesives used for extensions. We will deny Floating Services if hair has been recently dyed!

  • Avoiding caffeine for a minimum of 4 hours prior to your appointment may enhance your float experience

  • Bring Comb/ Brush / Conditioner or any other personal toiletries if desired (towels, ear plugs and basic toiletries are provided).

  • You may wear a swimsuit, however for ultimate results we encourage clients to float without clothing. {Your float environment is completely private }

  • Ladies please ensure to take all sanitary measurements if floating during your menstrual cycle.

Float therapy is a cumulative healing practice

Every subsequent session provides deeper relaxation, sense of self and wellness. 

Several sessions will allow you to sense a more comprehensive synchronization of Body | Mind | Soul.



How is the water in the pods Cleansed?

The high concentration of salt in the water is naturally anti-microbial and antiseptic - however we take cleanliness to be a top priority at H2om! We've Floated in many places yet love our hOMe due to how clean + serene we keep it! 

Our Pods are hand-skimmed, hand-vacuumed as well as being commercially filtered for 45+Minutes between each client!

We are currently the only center in Jacksonville taking this many steps to ensure cleanliness

Additionally the water is filtered with dual pumps + sanitized with Bromine | UV light | Ozone purification.

The filtration system flows continuously throughout the night providing the ultimate pristine environment for each client.

We adhere to the same stringent Florida Department of Health sanitation and safety standards as the Florida public pools; Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code. Per FL Health Dept standards the Water is replaced every 30days . Each pod is inspected and permitted by the Environmental Health Section of the Duval County Health Department. 

I'm claustrophobic. How can I use Float Therapy?

People who are claustrophobic generally report they have no problems with Float Pods! 

  In case you are concerned, know that you are in complete control of your Float session and can get out at any time. The lid can be left open, partially open or closed.

Each Pod features multi-colored LED lights as well as a selection of music options – including the option to bring your own music.

You’re always in complete control of your Float environment.

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

YES! We encourage floating during pregnancy - Not only does floating allow you to take a time out from the added stress of pregnancy, but you are able to float + experience a state of true weightlessness.

We recommend waiting til AFTER 1st Trimester + if you are concerned for any reason though, double-check with your physician.

Are there any side effects?

In rare cases clients may experience nausea. This is typically indicative of a detox reaction responding to stress—which is often held in the stomach.

While this level of nausea is fairly uncommon, we do ask that guests exit the Pod if they believe they may be sick.

Flotation is powerful. Please remember to drink plenty of water after your session!

What Should I wear while I float?

Nothing!  Floating is typically done in the nude as it allows the body to be entirely free of any distractions. Feel free to bring a swimsuit if that is what makes you more comfortable?

Can I bring a Friend?


You won’t be able to float together in the same Pod, but you can book your appointments at the same time.

Give us a call to ensure your bookings are together! 

Okay, so where exactly did Float therapy come from?

Sensory Deprivation AKA Floating has been around for over 50 years and has a lot of well designed research by scientist + research to back it up. 

Floating has been around since the ‘50s when it was invented in Oklahoma.

If you try to read through some of the history a name that keeps coming up is John Lilly, but the actual inventor of the float tank was Jay Shurley, who was a psychiatrist at the Oklahoma City Veterans Administration.

Shurley and Lilly kind of came up with the idea together, but it was Shurley who actually enacted it and built the first float tank at the VA hospital in 1957. That tank was a vertical float tank.

You were immersed vertically with a big sort of space helmet on, with breathing tubes coming in and breathing tubes coming out. As you could imagine, not many people wanted to volunteer for this.

Most of Shurley’s subjects were NASA astronauts, this was the late 1950s, early ‘60s during the race to the moon.

They ended up discovering that sensory deprivation has a lot of benefits that have been studied and explored ever since. Floating has seen a resurgence in popularity in this day and age due to the busy-ness of american lifestyles.

Floating is an amazing Natural Therapy to aid in Stress + Physical pain relief.



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