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Mindful May

As we spring into May we hope to encourage simple practices to utilize in your daily life that encourage a state of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being consistently aware of what you're sensing and feeling at every moment — without interpretation or judgment.

Many clients who float with us report finding a sense of mindful awareness/meditation state while floating. We feel as though it provided the ultimate Environment for self connection/study.  We also have found that Float 90's - or 90 Minutes of Floating is our preferred method of relaxation. 

Here are a few simple, accessible tips we love to share for cultivating a state of Mindfulness inside the pod + throughout your daily existence! 

  • Awaken your senses - Sight - Sound -Touch - Smell : Mindfulness doesn't require complete stillness and silence. It simply requires energy and effort of attention. 
  • Focus on your breathing - Sit in a quiet place with your back straight, but relaxed. Feel your breath move in and out of your body. Let your awareness of everything else fall away. Pay attention to your nostrils as air passes in and out. Notice the way your abdomen expands and collapses with each breath. Take the time to be present with how you are able to self soothe by simply breathing. 
  • Make the familiar new again - Take the time to truly perceive. As you become more aware of your world, you might become fonder of the things around you - interactions - connections
  • Pay attention - As you hold conversations, move and go about your day, check in with the ability to notice a few things that you might not regularly. Become observant of all senses that keep you in the present moment. 
  • Rest - Take the time even if for 15 minutes out of your day to rest yourself amidst the busy-ness of your daily life. Take the time to listen to what your body needs presently + take the steps necessary to provide yourself this space in time to simply witness. 

Deals for the month of May!

Float to find Stillness

Create + Make the time to simply BE

This month of April we are sharing a few simple + effective tips for cultivating space for becoming mindful and/or implementing mindful tips for every day life! j

Meditation + Mindfulness have been 'buzz words' lately in the fitness/wellness world + it's quite amazing to witness the way the mindful movement is growing.

However these practices have been around for many centuries while being passed on through various styles, families, religions + cultures.

One reason that H2Om Float was created was because we saw the need to create a space for actualizing and implementing this form of meditation via Float Therapy

Floating for us is a profound way to reduce external stimuli while increasing proprioception (spatial awareness) as well as a form of internal reflection.

We see the benefit of immersing ourselves void of external noise, distractions and weight. 

Floating has inspired us in some very unique ways to respond vs react to various situations life presents.

It has helped to create a container for reflection, contemplation as well as boundary of investigation in Mind - Body - Soul

We believe that 90 Minutes is optimum for reaching a state of ultimate relaxation