Float Therapy For Anxiety


Anxiety is the most widespread mental health conditions in the United States, affecting 40 million adult Americans every year. It’s an astonishing 18% of population! New survey results show Americans' anxiety levels have increased drastically in the past several years. Things like computers and Social Media contribute to this alarming trend.

Sensory deprivation therapy aka float therapy might change how people living with anxiety learn to cope with the condition.

With the growth in popularity of isolation pod therapy, scientists have developed an interest in discovering whether or not floating in a zero gravity tank  has a true benefit for disorders like anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Justin Feinstein, a neurophysiologist, is among those who conduct research on how floating can impact the brain. With the help of fMRI brain imaging, Justin and his team has come to a conclusion that sensory deprivation therapy helps lower anxiety in the brain in the same manner some prescription drugs and medication do.

One experiment revealed that the most severely anxious participants reported the greatest positive effects after floating in a tank. This experiment suggests that Floatation-REST may be a promising therapy for those with anxiety and depression.

We almost can’t avoid anxiety in the modern world. Don’t let stress to accumulate in your system and negatively affect your everyday life. Floating on a regular basis can help you to substantially reduce stress levels and to calm your mind.

In H2Om Float we believe that sensory deprivation therapy should be affordable to everyone. Our membership options are crafted to make float therapy accessible to our Jacksonville community. We want our clients to float at least once a week to experience all the benefits of this unique therapy.

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