Epsom Salt Pod Therapy

Epsom Salt

When you float in our sensory deprivation tanks you are immersed in a solution containing more than 1000 lbs of Epsom salt. That’s plenty of salt and plenty of benefits for you!

Magnesium sulfate is another name for Epsom salt. It is a mineral that we all need to function at peak performance and we need a lot of it, but few of us get enough. Due to poor diet most Americans have magnesium deficiency (75% of us!) This may lead to serious repercussions such as cardiovascular disease, nervous disorders, decrease in appetite and energy, insomnia, headaches and more.

There are two main ways to take magnesium, either orally or absorbing through the skin, with latter being more efficient. And that’s where floating comes into play, when you lie in a float tank, loaded with Epsom salt.

Many of the benefits of Floatation therapy are linked back to the absorption of magnesium:

  • It is essential for physiological functions like regular heart rhythm, muscle contraction, and bone formation;

  • It promotes reduction of adrenaline rushing through your body, allowing you to relax more quickly, thus helping with anxiety and stress

  • It is shown to improve digestion system, to control blood glucose, and to regulate blood pressure.

  • It helps to keep skin and hair healthy.

Magnesium is a vital mineral with endless list of benefits. And there’s a big chance that you don’t get enough of it with your diet. Float therapy is the most efficient way to observe magnesium and if you care about your well-being, consider floating regularly as part of your self-care routine.

H2Om Float is a floating and massage wellness spa in Jacksonville conveniently located minutes away from St John’s Town Center. Experience all the benefits of sensory deprivation therapy with us!