Float to find Stillness

Create + Make the time to simply BE

This month of April we are sharing a few simple + effective tips for cultivating space for becoming mindful and/or implementing mindful tips for every day life! j

Meditation + Mindfulness have been 'buzz words' lately in the fitness/wellness world + it's quite amazing to witness the way the mindful movement is growing.

However these practices have been around for many centuries while being passed on through various styles, families, religions + cultures.

One reason that H2Om Float was created was because we saw the need to create a space for actualizing and implementing this form of meditation via Float Therapy

Floating for us is a profound way to reduce external stimuli while increasing proprioception (spatial awareness) as well as a form of internal reflection.

We see the benefit of immersing ourselves void of external noise, distractions and weight. 

Floating has inspired us in some very unique ways to respond vs react to various situations life presents.

It has helped to create a container for reflection, contemplation as well as boundary of investigation in Mind - Body - Soul

We believe that 90 Minutes is optimum for reaching a state of ultimate relaxation

Float and massage spa